Meet Propic.

People-first property intelligence

Harness the extraordinary power of Propic to intelligently connect people, property and services in your real estate business.  

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Our predictive analytics and conversational AI solutions:

  • Remove inefficient and soul destroying real estate processes

  • Automate finding qualified listings based on our deep data insights

  • Intelligently answer customer queries any time, day or night

  • Grow your business and get your people doing more of what they love

  • More referrals and repeat business from happy customers

Why Propic?

Propic helps real estate companies simplify and scale using intelligent proptech that never sleeps.

Real estate professionals want to spend more time doing what they love - securing the best results - and less time on low-value tasks. Propic’s people-first approach uses the best Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics technology to create more moments that matter for real estate professionals and the people they serve.

Propic data scientists are among the absolute best in Australia, and beyond. They engineer solutions such as:

People-first businesses require people-first intelligence. 

We call it Propic. You can call it whatever you like. 

Propic Pioneer Club Members

In partnership with Propic these pioneers define the next generation of modern real estate as the world's most intelligently connected real estate leaders in the world. 

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