About Propic

A new generation of modern real estate agents are choosing Propic to be among the most intelligently connected real estate agencies in the world.
Propic customers harness the extraordinary power of big data AI to connect people, property and services to find new leads, talk to more people, predict buying and selling patterns, and propel the real estate profession into the modern digital world. 

Propic invests millions of dollars in the best and brightest data scientists to offer affordable access for real estate agencies to extraordinary big data insights. Propic is an Australian start-up success story with decades of experience, technical acumen and global ambitions.

Start small, but start now. 

With Propic, real estate owners and agents can:

  • Automate time-consuming, inefficient activities

  • Facilitate meaningful, profitable conversations with qualified buyers

  • Scale your real estate business with people-first intelligence

How Propic began


Propic’s story began when founder Jeff Gray found himself grappling with a sentiment common among visionaries and innovators. 

“There’s got to be a better way.”

After a career stint in real estate, Jeff quickly discovered real estate was the most inefficient industry he had ever encountered. 

His days were filled with door knocking, letterbox drops, and no clear plan or agenda. An overwhelming stream of ad-hoc customer enquiries made the experience tougher. And then the tedious process of manually scraping data from the web to complete listings and conduct research had him shaking his head. 

As an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, Jeff stepped back and started thinking about solutions. 

Instead of asking ‘Why me?’ he began asking ‘What if?’

  • What if I could rely on data, not my intuition to anticipate when a customer is ready to list their property for sale? 

  • What if I could monitor digital real-estate listings in real-time?  

  • What if I had better tools that made my professional life easier? 

  • What if customers could come to me when it suits them instead of wearing out my best pair of shoes and knocking on their doors at inconvenient times?

The questions inspired Jeff to find real answers. It was time for change. He happened to know a few very smart people. They got to work. 

Meet #TeamPropic

Our team of data science, engineering and business leaders are creating digital solutions that intelligently connect people, services and places in real estate.

We come from a diverse range of backgrounds but united by our ambition, passion and client-first approach. We bring an honest, open and professional attitude to our work and make time to listen before acting. 

Meet #TeamPropic

Jeff Gray.png
Jeff Gray

Chief Executive Officer

Founder of Propic, motorcycle rider, mustang driver and dad.

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Peter Hutchison.png
Peter Hutchison

Chief Operating Officer

Co-founder, meticulous organisational skill, ex-NZ Rugby rep with the best haircut in the team.

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David Choi.png
David Choi

Chief Strategist & Commercial Officer

Once the go-to-guy for proptech start-ups now the Propic stand-out guy. Likes a big idea and a good view.

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Ryan Campbell.png
Ryan Campbell

Head of Innovation

A mix of old warm charm and new world smarts.

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Patrick Hill.png
Patrick Hill

Chief Product Officer

Mr Patrick Hill

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Heather Jones

Chief Marketing Officer + PR

Propic's messaging magician - turning geek-speak into intelligent stories people get.

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Steve Brown

Chief Technology Officer

Resident rocket scientist. No seriously, he’s a rocket scientist.

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Dr Ning Li

Head of Data Science

She may forget your name but she’ll never forget a number.

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Fatek Chamma

Chief Experience Officer

Propic’s CX guy, car enthusiast and easily fired up if customers don’t come first.

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As a people-first intelligence and technology business, we don’t get bogged down in technical jargon. If we can’t explain it simply, it’s not worth explaining.    

Here’s some common questions we get asked with answers we hope you find genuinely useful -- and just ask if you think, “yeah, nah, what?”

What is Propic?

Propic is an intelligent data and AI solutions company that’s transforming real estate.

How does Propic work?

Propic helps real estate companies simplify and scale by using intelligent software that never sleeps.

Why does Propic matter?

Unlike other PropTech companies, we help everyone in real estate: agencies, vendors and customers.

Why should real estate agents care?

Propic predicts customer moments that matter. Agents can make more money and save time while making their customers even happier.

Why should customers care?

Propic provides meaningful, relevant and real-time customer service 24/7. If you’re on the couch surfing real estate sites and dreaming about your next home at 10pm, that’s when our people-first intelligence will be there answering your questions. No more waiting until the agent is ready.

​Is Propic any good?

Don’t take our word for it, read what our clients and the media have to say.

How much does it cost?

Wrong question — we’d rather tell you how much extra revenue you’re going to make while making your staff and customers even happier.  Book a product demo and chat with our team today. :)

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