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Reveal what property they
search, when and why.

Introducing REVEAL by Propic.

Affordable subscription access to extraordinary data, REVEAL automates prospecting for new listings 24/7.


Discover a 10 x boost to your prospecting efficiency with REVEAL.

Every search online signals intent.


Imagine having pre-qualified new vendor prospects sitting in your inbox every morning. 


REVEAL works around the clock to join the digital dots between every online search in your area related to property and real estate services - and reaches out. 

Intent is established. Qualifying questions are answered. 


Now you get to work building rapport, trust, and securing better listings with higher conversion and vendor satisfaction. 



“We used to spray and pray to get about one listing for every 100 cold calls. Over 90 days we’re now seeing 8.5% to 10% conversion from prospect to listing with Propic. That’s insane, and bloody brilliant.”

Residential Sales Leader, NSW


Reveal your next customers in real time

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REVEAL automates intelligent prospecting and generates qualified leads for you.

It joins the digital dots to tell you who in your area intends to move, sell, invest, rent or buy. Seriously.

Be in the know. Now.

Affordable access to extraordinary insights.

  • Reveal tracks every single property listing across Australia (#millions)

  • Propic proprietary predictive intelligence shapes insights based on market conditions and online intent indicators

  • Accurate, data-driven, instant property appraisals

  • Monetise customer data and market insights securely at scale

  • Meaningful conversations with the right buyers. At the right time. For the right reasons

“The technology is simply brilliant, and the future of real estate.”

Cassandra Lantry 
General Manager – Leah Jay

Propic helps real estate companies simplify and scale by using intelligent software that never sleeps.

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