Conversational AI in Real Estate

Updated: Feb 13

What is "conversational AI" and what is its role in Real Estate? At Propic we have seen how consumers respond positively to being served 24/7 in real time and in the channel they choose. We believe people now expect the same experience in real estate.

Conversational AI

Far greater, than the basic chatbots and the semi-smart canned email responses that some are using, Conversational AI platforms enable two-way conversations between a customer and the Agent, product or brand. Using true AI, means Conversational AI learns from interactions and is sophisticated in understanding the intent of a consumer. So, therefore, immediately scratching their itch and nurturing them through any process.

Using Conversational AI in Real Estate

Propic is already serving consumers in Real Estate with Conversational AI and the results speak for themselves. Some conversations around property exceed 30mins without human involvement!

  • In September 2020, Propic will launch Australia's first-ever AI listing product that uses Conversational AI, which can serve buyers across any listing in Australia.

  • Project Marketing - We have been using Conversational AI to assist in the path to purchase on developments for the past 18 months. Conversion (engagement to enquiry) is 10 times higher using the Enliven AI product.

  • Concierge - Customer Service using Conversational AI, has enabled our customers in Australia and the UK to be able to provide around the clock customer service and greater support for buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants

These are just some ways that Conversational AI will change how we manage our customers and meet CX expectations, given we live in a world of immediacy.

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