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enliven AI

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Propic’s conversational AI solution lets you host engaging, real-time customer experiences 24/7. 

Agents know their customers deserve the best, but keeping up with a deluge of customer enquiries can soak up precious time and resources.

Enliven AI solves a key pain point for buyers searching for properties at all hours of the day and night - delayed agency response time.


Propic’s Enliven AI virtual sales agent intelligently answers consumer questions and delivers a rich AI-powered customer experience, leaving you more time during business hours to focus on tasks that matter.

Why our clients love Enliven AI

Easily find buyers

Enliven AI nurtures customers 24/7 and identifies pre-qualified buyers and potential vendors with high intent.

Answer tenants

Create amazing tenant experiences that answer 99% of their questions intelligently and helpfully via email, chat or text. 

Sell projects

Enliven AI delivers 10x more lead conversions for project marketing, developers and new home projects.

100% response rate

Enliven AI people-first conversational intelligence responds to all online inquiries intelligently, and immediately.

Want to see Enliven AI in action?

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