WELCOME! Introducing PROPIC, the world's only true machine-learning Agency Intelligence (AI) platform for sales, property management, project marketing and head office residential real estate pioneers.  


Accelerated Agency Intelligence. 
Be in the know. Now.

Most of your portal and email enquiries come into your office after 9pm, is that right? Propic has found a way to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) accessible to real estate agencies with a subscription model: Enliven AI for any property management AI conversations in real-time 24/7 – while you sleep, work, play or attend AREC 2022.


Now trained to handle maintenance requests 24/7, follow-up rental arrears, and provide answers about every property on your database, plus so much more. 

Start every morning able to prioritise meaningful human interactions with qualified, ready to talk, happy people.

People-first Agency Intelligence

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Intelligent and natural conversations hosted by your Propic Enliven AI assistant who knows your properties, your agency's style, your answers.

The recently enhanced AI capabilities of Enliven enable pioneer agencies right now to intelligently automate most property management processes and tasks including:

  • Up to 80% of maintenance services conversations between trades, landlords, tenants and investors, including emergency and out of hours requests

  • 100% responses to leasing enquiries 24/7 deflecting 98.6% of calls away from staff

  • Deliver and manage lease applications.


  • Process invoices 

  • Chase rental arrears more intelligently using AI pattern-detection to flag missing payment trends

  • Complaint management using machine learning-driven sentiment analysis to help detect and dilute angry or disrespectful messages from landlords or tenants.

Put AI to work handling front line enquiries so your people can prioritise meaningful interactions.


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Propic acquires Property Realm 

Did you hear Propic has acquired the ability to now offer 24/7 maintenance support services and automated rental arrears conversations for tenants, landlords and investors via Enliven?

Creating the world's only “unapologetically disruptive” true machine-learning AI platform for real estate across sales, project marketing, property management and agencies of any size and scale now available for an affordable subscription from Propic.

PROPIC as seen in the media


“[Propic offers] artificial intelligence technology
that can automatically manage up to 80 per cent of
standard email or text queries made to real estate agents."


Nurture and respond to buyers, tenants and prospective vendors and investors any time of the day or night.

“One of the great things about Propic, or having AI in our business, is it really operates like a silent employee. We are really, totally 100% hands off. It just operates in the background, providing that consistent service to our clients 24/7.”

Cassandra Lantry, General Manager, Leah Jay Real Estate

Timberly Williams


Propic helps modern real estate companies simplify and scale using true machine-learning AI that never sleeps.

Agency Intelligence. 24/7
Be in the know. Now.