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Analyse, predict, convert.

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Engage, enrich, nurture.

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Manage, track, transact

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Reveal AI automates prospecting so you can get on with winning.

What if agents could come to work knowing which customers to talk to, and the right time and reasons to talk to them. 


With Propic people-first intelligence, they can.

Why spend hours cold calling, doing letterbox drops and going to out-of-hours networking events when Propic predictive intelligence technology can automate bringing qualified leads straight to you?

Imagine knowing Riley and Ning in Singapore are considering moving to your area, or that the Patterson family is likely moving away interstate next school holidays, before you contact them, right when they need your help.

Reveal AI uses our predictive intelligence technology to join the digital dots. It alerts your agents to properties and people like Riley, Ning and the Pattersons most likely ready to buy a new property, get an appraisal, or list their home. 


Reveal AI works 24/7, 365 days a year to do just that, and more, like tracking every property, listing and agent in Australia every day to deliver powerful insights on market conditions and competitors. Imagine how that might improve your listing presentations. 

Propic gives agents more time for meaningful moments with people ready to move.  

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Propic’s conversational AI solution lets you host engaging, real-time customer experiences 24/7. 

Agents know their customers deserve the best, but keeping up with a deluge of customer enquiries can soak up precious time and resources.

Enliven AI solves a key pain point for buyers searching for properties at all hours of the day and night - delayed agency response time.


Propic’s Enliven AI virtual sales agent intelligently answers consumer questions and delivers a rich AI-powered customer experience, leaving you more time during business hours to focus on tasks that matter.

Why our clients love Enliven AI

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Easily find buyers

Enliven AI nurtures customers 24/7 and identifies pre-qualified buyers and potential vendors with high intent.

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Answer tenants

Create amazing tenant experiences that answer 99% of their questions intelligently and helpfully via email, chat or text. 

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Sell projects

Enliven AI delivers 10x more lead conversions for project marketing, developers and new home projects.

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100% response rate

Enliven AI people-first conversational intelligence responds to all online inquiries intelligently, and immediately.

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Transform how you run and manage your network.

Propic’s Signifi intelligent CRM solution makes it simple to create, run and manage real estate groups and networks. 

Packed full of features our enterprise and franchise clients love:

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Internal CRM

  • Manage and communicate with your entire network

  • Create your own workflow automation

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Franchise management

  • End to end franchise management system

  • Automatically calculate and invoice franchise fees

  • Audit and compliance

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Create community

  • Create a branded community for your network

  • Everything accessible on desktop and mobile

  • Access the App Exchange for thousands of applications

Want to see how Signifi could benefit you?

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